Spring 2017

This spring has been one for the books!  

I have just come home from New Hampshire Sheep and Wool.  It was cold and wet but I was reminded that it's not unusual for there to be a rainy day at that festival.  The customers are prepared and came to the event anyway!   Thank you!!

On our way home, we drove through an area with snow on the shoulders of the road, I was not sure that I was seeing it, could it be snow in mid-May?  Good thing I had a passenger to confirm.  

Last weekend, I traveled south to Maryland Sheep and Wool.  I drove through the heaviest rain I have ever driven through.  If I could have turned around, I might have.  I was on the interstate and stuck between a group of tractor trailers that didn't give me that option.  By the time it had let up raining, my GPS had diverted me to a wonderful road with farmland surrounding me.  Rt. 15 in Maryland was a blessing!  On the way home, it was much nicer weather and I really got to enjoy it!   

I'm home now until the Maine Fiber Frolic, the first weekend of June.  I am hopeful that it will not be snowing!



Posted on May 15, 2017 .

Foster Farm Yarns

Foster Farm yarns are made from the sheep here on our farm.  After shearing the wool is sorted for various products.  We sell fleeces to hand spinners, we save some for our Foster Farm yarns and some for our Foster Farm roving.  I wash some here in the shop for locks.  All of the dyed roving and yarn is done by me, in The Yarn Shop kitchen.  Its a labor of love, I hope that you enjoy using the products as much as we enjoy growing and dyeing the wool!

The website has been updated to include the Foster Farm products that are available right now.  We will be adding the new yarn and roving as it arrives back from the local mill.  

Posted on July 15, 2016 .

The is Washington County Fiber Festival Weekend!

The Yarn Shop and barn are open both Saturday and Sunday this weekend.  Come visit the lambs and shop in The Yarn Shop. We are having a sale, 15% off everything (except Kromski).  If you are out and about visiting other farms be sure to drop in.  

Posted on April 22, 2016 .

30 lambs

This weekend is our Open House.  As of this morning, we have 30 lambs in the barn.  There are still a handful of ewes that will lamb before this weekend.  There is nothing like watching the lambs!   Bring your camera!

We have a few other things planned for Saturday.  

We will be skirting fleeces in preparation for the upcoming wool shows and for local spinners.  If you are a hand spinner and would like a fleece, I am offering them at 15% off on Saturday.

We will have a scavenger hunt, which will include the barn and The Yarn Shop.

We will have some sweet treats for sale.

There will be demos of carding and hand spinning in The Yarn Shop.

There will be a raffle of some Foster Farm handmade items.

Join us, Saturday, March 19, from 10am-4pm

Posted on March 14, 2016 .

Its been a busy week!

The last time I wrote was 2 weeks ago.  We still have small patches of snow in the shaded areas of the farm.  The good news is that the rye is starting to look green!  It won't be long now, rye is one of those cold weather crops.  It will look like a golf course soon enough.

These lambs are just 2 days old...

These lambs are just 2 days old...

and .so are these...

These twins were born yesterday, Easter Sunday.  It is unusual for us to have lambs this late in the season.  If you haven't stopped in to visit the lambs now is a good time.

Posted on April 6, 2015 .