Reywa Embrace Vermilion


Reywa Embrace Vermilion


Embrace–is 100% pure yak down of the finest quality.

Sumptuously warm and luxuriously soft, Embrace yarns are truly unforgettable. The perfect choice for a splurge for yourself or a beloved friend, Reywa yarns have a buttery handle that is absolutely wonderful to knit with. Our yarn also re-knits well, ensuring those inevitable small mistakes won’t show up in your finished project.

As pieces made with Reywa’s 100% yak down yarns are worn, the yarn blooms slowly, creating a lovely halo of warmth that increases the unique quality of the item.

Fiber content: 100% yak down
Needle Size: US 4-6 needles
Yardage: Approximately 200 yards and 95g per skein
Gauge: 6 stitches / inch on US 5 needle

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