Washi follows the tradition of noble japanese paper yarns with an extremely silky softness. The yarn has a good stitch definition and therefore also shows lace patterns nicely. The paper is twisted with a rayon thread which gives the necessary stability to garments and accessories.
Washi is washable. We recommend handwash.

ITO Kinu yarn is a fine fingering weight yarn of 100% organic silk. Different colored fibers are blended to create a distinctive melange effect that will add texture and interest to casual or elegant clothes. Choose from a pallette of beautifully soft and rich colors, and create something really special.



Niji is a cobweb weight yarn that's meant to be carried with other, solid colored, yarns. It has long, non-repeating variegated color changes. Each cone may appear different due to the long color changes. 

 100% wool
- cobweb, gauge varies based on yarn it's carried with
- 20 grams / 525 yards
- hand wash; lay flat to dry

Ito Tetsu - one of the amazingly beautiful fine gauge Ito yarns designed to work alone or together with other Ito yarns to create unique knitted and crocheted garments and accessories.  A wonderful marriage of silk and metal, Tetsu is a stainless steel filament twisted with mulberry silk.  The stainless steel adds memory to the knitted fabric and allows it to be formed or shaped. Available in a gorgeous shimmery color palette, the possibilities are endless when you carry Tetsu with any of the other Ito yarns. Take your knitting ot the next level and paint with your yarn!