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Vogue Knitting Live 2015

The weekend started on Friday with my first ever train ride.  It was a great way to travel to NYC.  The weather was perfect for a scenic trip.  

We arrived at Penn Station with plenty of time to do a little shopping.  My idea of shopping was Mood.  I brought home a couple of swatches, but escaped without a purchase. 

We arrived at the Marriott, I was the county kid in the big city :-)  The big circle of elevators was a constant amazement to me all weekend.  

It was very hard to get a good picture of them.  They moved so fast! 

Outside of the marketplace was an amazing display of the knitted and crochet Seven Wonders of the World.  

The knitted and crocheted tepee.

My first glimpse of Stephen West.  I saw him many times during the weekend.

Friday night we headed out toTimes Square.

Then Saturday morning was back to classes and more of the market.

and more knitted items.  This time a refrigerator full of knitted food. 

Sunday brought the designers panel discussion.  Josh Bennett, Amy Herzog, Susan B. Anderson, Laura Nelkin and Stephen West. 

Franklin Habits class proved that I could steek and put a zipper in any knitted item.  He is a great teacher as were all of my teachers.  I had a wonderful time and wished I had taken more good pictures to share with you.  

another snowy monday

It is a wonderful day for spinning and knitting!  I am almost done spinning the 3 ply's that will eventually become my socks.

I did finish the hat to this pattern. Winter Woods Hat and Gloves by Veronik Avery

It is knit using Cascade 220 Sport in three colors, and size 3 needles.  I did modify the hat to be just 6 !/2 inches until you begin the decreases.  

The gloves are heavily modified.  I knit the cuffs and first chart as written, and added a few rows of ribbing to hopefully keep them snug around the wrist.   I omitted the strips and will turn them into a shorter version and mitts not gloves.  I am hoping to finish them today.

I have not worked on the Charleston Tea Cardigan by Thea Colman in a few days.  I was busy getting ready for the spinning guild meeting.  The first meeting of the new year is always Roc Day.  It is a fun time!

Show and Tell from the Week...

This is the Evolution Shawl knit by Kathy using 3 skeins Rylie yarn by HiKoo.  Its not noticable in the picture but she added some beading to the pattern!  It is just beautiful!!

Janet's woven fabric and scarf.  Unfortunately, I did not take notes but I think that the scarf is tencel and the jacket is cotton.  Janet, please correct me if I'm wrong.  

This is Janet's amazing finishing work on her jacket.  WOW!

Hope's  Claire Cowl , from Outlander.  The pattern calls for bulky yarn, but she used 2 strands of a very soft yarn, (again no notes) held together.  This is a very soft, very warm and very fast knit!

Hope's Claire Cowl, from Outlander.  The pattern calls for bulky yarn, but she used 2 strands of a very soft yarn, (again no notes) held together.  This is a very soft, very warm and very fast knit!

We did a drop spindle bee, a wheel spinning bee, and a knitting bee.  Each was 15 minutes, with lots of fierce competition:-)  

knitting with chop sticks was challenging!!

The results of the completions are at the shop and I am sitting comfortably  in front of the fire at home.  This is what I remember... in drop spindles, Dawn was the winner... in spinning wheel, Dave was the winner, and in the knitting, Mary was the winner!  I will update this and give more details later

This afternoon, I am leaving the comforts of home and headed to the barn.  I will be working with Tom and Greg to worm all of the sheep.  At this point they are all in the barn under Tom's watchful eye.  On Saturday the 24th we will be shearing, then the watching for lambs will begin.