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More Snow, but lets not talk about it....

Lets talk about knitting.  I have one finished object.

This is the Ryan Chunky Cowl by Two Stix Studios.  It is knit with Berroco Ultra Alpaca Chunky.  I was glad to have this done for this mornings walk to the shop.  It was -15 degrees this morning, but lets not talk about that either!

This is the Cascade #4 Scarf out of Venezia Worsted.  It has been ripped, but I haven't worked on it, it is still in time out. 

This is Wavebird using my handspun fractal.  Its time to bind off, I did do one more repeat of the lace but I think I might do even one more.  How about in purple?  I have some of that to spin, or I could just do another repeat in the blue...What do you think??

Just a few rows of progress on the handspun romney 3 ply socks.

Last but not least, its back on the needles!!  I am happily knitting the sleeves on my Charleston Tea Cardigan by Thea Colman.

Another great day for knitting!

I walk to work, so for me the snow is no inconvenience.  I realize that for many of you it creates all kinds of trouble.  I am thinking of all of you that must drive to work and work outside in the weather.  Our sheep are in the barn for the winter.  Chores around here are so much easier than for many in the Northeast.   So, I knit....

This is the Cascade scarf #4, out of Cascade Venezia worsted.  I had not planned to show it to you until it was done.  On Wednesday, I was knitting away with the group and I when I got to the end I realized that I had made a mistake.

So, today I will also be doing some ripping!  

This is Wavebird, by Christiane Burkhard.  The yarn is my first fractal spinning project.  The fiber is BFL/silk, dyed by Fat Cat Knits in the colorway Wizard Island.  I ran out of yarn just before the project was done.  I contacted Ginny of Fat Cat Knits and she dyed fiber for me to finish the shawl.  At this point in the pattern I could bind off, but because I have the fiber all spun I am going to continue with at least one more lace repeat.  This has been a very fun project and I'm planning to do another fractal spin right away!

I also finished the 3 ply romney sock yarn that I was working on.  It is well on its way to being a pair of socks. 

My sweater is still waiting for me and I really want to cast on another one from my favorites list.  I am hoping to work on the sweater this weekend.