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More Snow, but lets not talk about it....

Lets talk about knitting.  I have one finished object.

This is the Ryan Chunky Cowl by Two Stix Studios.  It is knit with Berroco Ultra Alpaca Chunky.  I was glad to have this done for this mornings walk to the shop.  It was -15 degrees this morning, but lets not talk about that either!

This is the Cascade #4 Scarf out of Venezia Worsted.  It has been ripped, but I haven't worked on it, it is still in time out. 

This is Wavebird using my handspun fractal.  Its time to bind off, I did do one more repeat of the lace but I think I might do even one more.  How about in purple?  I have some of that to spin, or I could just do another repeat in the blue...What do you think??

Just a few rows of progress on the handspun romney 3 ply socks.

Last but not least, its back on the needles!!  I am happily knitting the sleeves on my Charleston Tea Cardigan by Thea Colman.