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The New Year

I have done some thinking about this post.  I have several things that I would like to happen in 2015.  Some things were not possible with the terrible internet that I had in the past.  Now in the year 2015, we have high speed internet!  Thank you Hudson Valley Wireless!!

In no particular order...

*I want to get ravelry working for me.  I can spend hours looking and lurking, but it needs to help me more than it does.  Did you know that you can purchase ravelry patterns at the yarn shop? Now that the internet is working you will be able to browse ravelry and find the pattern you were looking for and I can print it for you.  I also want ravelry to help me keep track of my stash and my projects.

*I want the blog to be a place that you can see what I'm working on and what I'm thinking about working on.

*I want the blog to also be a place to share your projects also.  Knitters always like fresh ideas and I can't possible" knit all of the things".   I am hoping that you will be willing to share some of your projects with me to post.

*Do you know about craftsy?  I have know about craftsy for quite a while and when a sale comes along I would purchase a class or two.  Now with the high speed internet I am able to watch the classes from the shop.  They are wonderful!  I am enjoying them.   I am a craftsy affiliate, if you log into craftsy from my webpage it helps The Yarn Shop.  I get a small percentage of your purchase.  That helps :-)

*I want to be a better spinner, and a better teacher!  The craftsy classes are helping me, but I am also going to go to fiber events and take classes.  I am signed up to go to Vogue Knitting Live and I hope to continue to embrass this wealth of knowledge that is available for us.  

*I want to become a weaver.  I do dabble at it, but I want to learn more!!  On the second Thursday of each month, beginning in February, I will close the shop at 6pm and  I will go to the Hudson Mohawk weavers guild meetings. 


So what am I working on??

I have pulled out The Charleston Tea by Thea Colman.  I started this project in May of 2013, deep stash!  I will bind off the body of the cardigan today, then begin the sleeves, button binding and collar.  I have decided I don't want the hood.  

I have cast on the Winter Woods Hat and Gloves. from Interweave Knits Gifts 2014.  I am using Cascade 220 sport.  I will be turning the gloves into fingerless mitts.  I hope to have something to show for this next week.


I am spinning some of our Romney fiber into what I hope will become a 3 ply fingering weight sock yarn.  

This has been a long post so pictures next week!


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