It is above freezing!

The eaves are dripping, the sun was beautiful this morning and promises to be out again tomorrow!  This is what we have been waiting for!!  

The barn door is open today for all of the sheep to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. 

I have finished the scarf, socks, and spinning.  The sweater has gone on hiatus for a while again while I plan what to do with it.

On The Needles!

Honeycomb Cables by Louise,  TilbrookDesigns  So far it has been a wonderful pattern and a welcome change from the heavy socks of last month.

The Rikke Hat, by Sarah Young  I just had to cast on something with this new yarn :-)

The Easy Ombre Slouch Hat by knitting fever.  Again, I just had to cast on with this new yarn!!  I know,  I have no will power, it is just soo soft!


Playful Stripes by Alana Dakos  This is so much fun!

I know I have gone a little crazy with all of the new things on needles but I'm having so much fun!  

Posted on March 10, 2015 .