Still hibernating...

For many last week was vacation week.  The schools were closed and families headed south to enjoy the sunshine and warmth.  I have never understood this, but this year I do!  Lots of us that stay here in the north expect that February will be long, that's the way it is.  

We stay here hibernating, enjoying the bright sunshine as it streams through the windows, load the wood stove and watch the sheep.  40 some sheep in the barn will soon  be new moms.  Most of them will do this on their own, but some need a little assistance.    Because of this we check them often and watch that everything is going according to plan.   This year has been tough, for the first time we are using heat lamps to keep the newborns warm.  Once they are dry and have had a nice drink they are usually fine.  

Last night we moved the first group of new moms and babies to a larger pen.  This is when the fun begins, they run and jump and play.  This is what February is all about here on the farm.  Watching the newborns!!  I just love it.


Knitting news...

I ripped about 1/3 of the scarf out and re-knit it on Saturday during guild.  It is still wrong.  I will be ripping again!!  I must concentrate on counting this time.  

I have begun the heel flap on the socks.

I have knit the sleeves and the neck band on the cardigan.  Now I decided that the sweater is too short, so I ripped out the ribbing on the bottom and make it longer.

I will finish these things this month!!  I have so many things waiting in the queue.  

spinning, it seems a little easier to do a little spinning in between barn checks, so I have been working on Farmer Phil, a Fat Cat Knits bfl braid.  

Posted on February 24, 2015 .