Rigid Heddle news

I am very happy to tell you all about this new update!

Kromski has redesigned the rigid heddle loom.  I have the parts in the shop to update your existing loom. 

  • The Kromski Harp has been updated and as such we have given it an updated name;  it is now called the Harp Forte. The update involves the ratchets and pawls; these parts are now all metal and work with the assist of a rare earth magnet.  Please take note: beginning with orders shipped on June 3, all looms will be the Forte model.  There is a commensurate increase in the prices, so refer to the price list.  We are sure you will love this development.
  • Not wanting to leave older Harps (and Fiddles) behind, the Kromskis are offering an upgrade kit that will allow weavers to get the benefits of the new ratchets and pawls. 
Posted on June 10, 2014 .