New Webpage

A new website, a new e commerce page, and a new blog, what a great way to start 2014.   This has been a work in progress for a while now, and it’s all because of the behind the scene work of Melanie Schaub Hayes.  A great big thank you to you Melanie!  It never would have happened without you!!  

This month Tom and I continue to get things ready to welcome the new additions to the farm.  I am working on paper work, supplies are ordered, and I am hoping to be organized and ready!   Tom is working on the barn and getting things buttoned up and organized out there.  Unfortunately, this cold weather has made it difficult for all farmers in the area.  Gwen and I decided to postpone shearing until this Sunday, February 2.  It looks like it will be a little warmer by then.  This is when I feel so fortunate to have the wonderful insulated sheep barn that we have!  Another plus that we have that many sheep farmers don’t have is the insulated, automatic waters.  Our sheep are fortunate to have warm water to drink at all times.   The problem with the barn is that if we keep it closed up the sheep are too warm with their wool on.  That’s not a problem until it’s time for the newborn lambs.  This is why we must shear at this time of year.  With the wool off of the ewes we are able to close the barn and keep the barn at a moderate temperature for both ewes and lambs. 


This is a shot from last year.  We look forward to lambs mid-February this year!


While all of this is happening, I am also planning knitting, spinning, and weaving projects!  I had the wonderful opportunity last weekend to attend a workshop taught by Thea Colman.   Thea has opened my eyes and I can’t thank her enough!  I have a project that I’m secretly working on and many more are spinning around in my head.  Stay tuned, many more things are in the works for 2014.

Join us on Sunday for the sheep shearing and The Yarn Shop open house.   This is the beginning of the fourth year of The Yarn Shop.  Thanks to all of you for continued support. 


Posted on January 27, 2014 .